How long can police detain you in Canada?

If police do have reasonable and probable grounds to detain you and you are arrested and taken into custody, police can detain you for 24 hours. This 24-hour period may be extended if you are arrested on a holiday or on the weekend. Within this 24-hour time period, they must either release you or bring [ … ]

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Are you allowed to film the police in Canada?

Yes! As long as you are not interfering with the Officer’s duties and/or investigation, there is no law prohibiting you from filming police in Canada. If an officer asks you to stop filming or tries to take your recording device away, know that it is your constitutionally protected right to document any public activity in [ … ]

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Do I have to show ID to police in Canada?

You DO have to show your ID to police if they stop you while you are driving or cycling (operating a conveyance). You DO NOT have to show your ID to police if they stop you on the street, unless they are investigating a crime that has occurred or they are detaining you. Police cannot [ … ]

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