We Accept Legal Aid

If you are looking for a legal aid lawyer in Hamilton, Collett Read LLP is your best option. Collett Read LLP happily represents clients that hold a legal aid certificate.  Not only is Collett Read LLP one of Hamilton’s top criminal law firms, but you will get a full legal team for your defense and not just a single lawyer.

At the core, Collett Read LLP believes that everyone deserves a proper defense to any criminal charges, regardless of financial abilities. You deserve to be represented by an experienced legal team that truly cares about you and your future. 

Criminal Defence Lawyers, Dean Collett, Jessica Read, and Jason Alsbergas

Legal Aid Lawyers for Serious Crimes 

Collett Read LLP can take on any legal aid defense, from simple theft charges to drugs, weapon, or murder charges. No matter what you have been accused of, the powerhouse legal team at Collett Read LLP can help. 

What Are Legal Aid Certificates? 

Legal Aid Certificates in Ontario are vouchers that allow people who have financial difficulties to retain a lawyer for their legal defense. Typically, a legal aid certificate allows a lawyer to work on a case for a certain number of hours. At Collett Read LLP, our expert legal team is efficient and effective in representing clients within the allotted time of legal aid. 

How Do I Get Legal Aid? 

To get legal Aid support you must qualify financially to have coverage. Legal Aid Ontario has a great resource published on their website for how to apply for legal aid, or alternatively you can contact us directly with any questions you may have, or if you need help navigating the legal aid process.

Denied Legal Aid?

If you have applied for legal aid but did not qualify, contact us about the possibility of an appeal, as well as our available payment plans. Strong legal defence of criminal charges is too important to give up on when legal aid denies you.

Contact our office today for answers to any legal aid questions you may have.