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When you need the leading Hamilton criminal lawyers, Collett Read LLP is here for you.

As Hamilton’s powerhouse full service criminal law firm, we have an impressive history of success on behalf of our clients. We pride ourselves in having the best client care and case results out of all Hamilton criminal lawyers. The team at Collett Read LLP will give you the edge you need to get the best possible outcome for your case.

When you retain a Hamilton lawyer from Collett Read LLP to defend you against criminal charges, you are retaining the full weight of our firm. Our “team oriented” approach means you have the valuable advantage of multiple perspectives, a wealth of experiences and the resources necessary to provide you with a robust defence against any criminal charges.

If you or a loved one has been arrested by the Hamilton Police, you need to call the team at Collett Read LLP immediately to ensure that your rights are protected, and that you are not tricked into saying anything that can damage your case. We will navigate you through the court system and ensure that we are there with you every step of the way; you will never be alone.

Dean Collett and Jessica Read

Why Is Our Team Different?

Every story is unique and dealing with any criminal charge in Hamilton can be a scary undertaking. That is where Collett Read LLP Comes in. Our Hamilton Criminal Lawyers won’t just help you with the legal aspects of your case, but we will be compassionate. Our team will listen carefully and help you mentally prepare for any actions needed as we fight your case together.

We understand how stressful this time can be and we truly want to get you through this difficult time in your life. When you retain Collett Read LLP you are fighting with an army of educated people who care about their clients, don’t judge you for your charges, protect your rights, mitigate your mistakes and help you come out the other side whole. One value all of our lawyer’s hold is to help you as a person first, and not let you be defined by your charge. We have access to a multitude of resources to help you and family members during this difficult time as well. Our office is not just a law firm, but a safe harbour for those in need of our services.

With those values in mind, our lawyers are all highly trained and experienced in defending a wide variety of criminal charges. You will be backed by the whole firm, which includes former members of the crown who have worked to convict these charges, giving you a significant advantage. Being sound on the law is one thing, but our work in the courtroom is unrivaled. Each lawyer has been specifically vetted and trained to have a powerful presence in the court room and are well respected amongst their judicial peers. If your rights are infringed upon in any way, we will not hesitate to rise to your defence.

Our Team

Dean Collett

Passionate about defending his clients, Dean prioritizes getting to know them as much as possible. His strong desire to help people has driven him to build a powerhouse law firm of likeminded individuals to achieve that goal. Dean exclusively works in criminal law and has helped clients win their cases in all areas of criminal law. As an executive on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Criminal Lawyers Association, he has garnered a deep respect from his judicial peers as a fearless criminal lawyer. His experience and adept skill as a lawyer have allowed him to guest lecture at the esteemed Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jessica Read

As a former prosecutor Jessica has honed her skills over the years, making her the dominant criminal lawyer she is today. Her passion for defence work eventually led her to become a criminal lawyer, defending the rights of those accused. Her power lies in the fact that she understands all the strategies and tactics used against her clients by the prosecutors. Learning the complex law surrounding impaired driving trials in “crown school” she has ran a multitude of times against some of the most successful defence lawyers in Ontario. As a graduate herself, Jessica takes pride in being a guest lecturer at the respected Osgoode Hall Law School.

Impaired Driving Charges

Impaired driving cases have been on the rise according to the City of Hamilton, which has led them to increase RIDE programs throughout the city in order to catch drivers for DUI charges. If you have been arrested for a DUI charge by the Hamilton Police, our Hamilton criminal lawyers at Collett Read LLP will ensure that your defence is solid, and your rights are kept intact.

These types of convictions can seriously impair your quality of life. Typical consequences include fines, massive car insurance rate increases, and license suspensions. Not to mention if there was the capacity to harm someone else as a result of impaired driving. These types of charges can often be judged due to a lack of good judgement on the offender operating the vehicle. However, at Collett Read LLP we understand everyone has their own personal circumstances, and we take the time to learn about it, judgement free. If you need help with an impairment charge, we will mitigate as much as we can, if not have the charges dropped.

Our team even specializes in DUI Charges as one of our lawyers was a former member of the crown specializing in convicting these charges. See our bio on Jessica Read for more information. Her time on the crown has molded her into one of the most knowledgeable of those in Canada when it comes to impairment charges. The advantage this gives you is immense, and we already know all the tactics used to find you guilty. Her track record on these types of cases is exceptional as facing some of the most talented defence lawyers has allowed her to master her skills and knowledge. We have developed lengthy strategies to combat this and have a high track record of defending clients against these charges. Through this you can be confident that you are getting the best when it comes to defending against DUI charges in Hamilton.

For more information on this area of criminal defence, visit our Hamilton DUI charges page.

Drug Possession Charges

Collet Read LLP’s team of experienced criminal lawyers in Hamilton are adept at defending individuals against drug possession charges. Drug possession is a serious offense that carries potential fines and imprisonment in the City of Hamilton. With the help of our firm, individuals facing drug possession charges in Hamilton can fight for their rights and seek the best possible outcome in court.

When it comes to drug charges, we have many successful cases where we defended serious charges. In one such case, Collett Read LLP defended a client charged with the possession of fentanyl for the purposes of trafficking in Hamilton back in 2019. We were able to find video evidence that showed a breach of our client’s privacy according to the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms. As a result, all charges were stayed, and the prosecutors walked away. Read more here about this successful defence against drug trafficking charges. We take Canadian rights very seriously and will defend them for any client who decide to retain us. We have a lot of experience with these types of charges and can help you get through this difficult time in your life. Read more here about other drug charge cases.

The lawyers at Collett Read LLP have a thorough understanding of the Canadian legal system and can provide knowledgeable and effective representation to individuals charged with drug possession. We work tirelessly to build a strong defense case and negotiate with the prosecution to seek reduced or dropped charges. Whether facing simple possession or more serious drug trafficking charges, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Visit our Hamilton drug charge lawyer page for more information.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault charges are very serious and can damage your reputation for life. Our Hamilton criminal lawyers are here to help mitigate the damage done and get your life back on track. These charges carry heavy consequences if found guilty, and your legal team will make all the difference. That’s why we’re here to help. Those convicted will have to become a part of a sex offender registry and can face employment issues, travel limitations and prison time.

Collett Read LLP takes the presumption of innocence very seriously. Many criminal lawyers refuse to take on these cases, but we hold no judgement against our clients. Our legal team will provide you with both male and female lawyers, giving you the much-needed perspective necessary to defend against these cases. This is necessary as our experiences often help frame perspective in a way that will be valuable to your defence. This area of the law is very complex, with many firm rules surrounding how evidence is handled. If not taken care of properly by your legal team, defendants can find themselves with a negative outcome more times than not. Our team is well versed in defending against these charges and will do everything in our power to prove your innocence or mitigate the consequences.

Being accused alone can damage your reputation beyond repair. Our lawyers will additionally help guide you through this difficult time, including putting things into perspective and how to deal with the loved ones affected. We know that there is much more to it than just getting through it legally, we’re here to help. Our goal is to defend your rights as a Canadian citizen and get you out whole on the other side of this process. This will be a difficult time, but we will do all in our power to help you through it. With Collett Read LLP on your side, we’ll make you see the light in this often dark circumstance.

For more information on sexual assault lawyers in Hamilton, visit our page.

Successful Cases

Over the years we are proud to have helped protect the rights of our clients and get their lives back on track. We have successfully defended clients in some very unique cases, giving you an edge over utilizing other Hamilton criminal law firms. In many cases we have fully exonerated our clients if not mitigate the consequences. Some of our recent highlights include:

Robbery: Client facing two or more years of a penitentiary sentence has charges withdrawn completely. Read here for more on the robbery criminal defence.

Dangerous Driving and Fail to Remain: What was looking like jail time for our client we were able to have all charges withdrawn before trial. Read here for more on the strategy for the dangerous driving and fail to remain case.

First Degree Murder: After a 3-week trial and a jury deliberation of two days, our client was found not guilty on all charges. Our client was arrested two years before this and we’re happy to see him a free man. Read here for more on our first degree murder case.

Historical Sexual Assault: Our client was fully exonerated due to the depth of our cross examination, making the complainant’s story impossible to believe. The verdict for this case was uniquely given as soon as Mr. Collett concluded his submissions, which often happens days later. Read here for more on the historical sexual assault case.

While these do not guarantee how future cases will turn out, they exemplify the skill and experience our lawyers have in criminal law. To read more about the various cases we’ve won, check out our cases page here for more information.

Know Your Rights

At Collett Read LLP, we are passionate about helping protect your rights as a Canadian citizen. As the premier choice for Hamilton criminal lawyers, we won’t hesitate to help you if you are charged with a crime, but we have a deep list of resources to help you protect your rights before you are charged. We have outlined commonly asked questions regarding the law and listed our tips to stay on the right side of it. Here are some of our most popular questions:

Can you Swear at a Cop in Canada? – It’s not illegal, but it’s best to remain peaceful when interacting with a police officer. Read more about swearing at police here.

Will a Criminal Conviction Impact my Ability to Travel Internationally? – Yes, every country has their own laws and regulations that control their borders, and many will turn you down due to your convictions. Often you will have to contact the locations border services beforehand to understand your ability to travel there. Read more about criminal convictions impacting your ability to travel.

Is it Illegal to not Carry I.D. in Canada? – As a Canadian citizen, you are not legally required to carry I.D. with you in public with some caveats. Read more about carrying I.D. in Canada here.

What Outcomes Could my Case Have? – There are many possible outcomes including: Charges withdrawn or stayed, a peace bond, being found not guilty, guilty verdicts, having your sentence suspended or conditionally discharged, receiving a fine or restitution order, probation, incarceration or imprisonment, and conditional sentencing/house arrest. We have a detailed guide on what each outcome means, read more about case outcomes here.

Can Police Enter Your Home in Canada? – They can only enter if given permission by an owner, through the use of a warrant, or they believe someone is in danger among a few other circumstances. There are definitely ways that police can enter your home unlawfully, and you should contact a lawyer immediately. Read more about police entering your home here.

While these resources are useful to avoid trouble with the law, Collett Read does not claim these articles as legal advice and suggest contacting us if you find yourself charged with a criminal offence.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is a common need when having to deal with legal fees. Especially when you want the best lawyers to defend you, the compensation requirement can be hefty. That is why Collett Read LLP’s Hamilton criminal lawyers accept legal aid as a valid method to receive a quality legal defence in Hamilton.

We believe that everyone deserves a proper chance at having their rights defended against criminal charges, regardless of their current financial situation. Everyone deserves to have a team on their side when this can be one of the most difficult times in their life. Collett Read LLP wants to get you through this experience whole and give you a bright future to look forward to.

Legal Aid is received by financially qualifying for it through Legal Aid Ontario. With the allotted hours given to you through legal aid, our lawyers are effective and efficient at getting the most out of what you are given to often reach a positive outcome. Visit this page to see if you qualify and apply for legal aid. All types of criminal charges are also accepted under legal aid, even some of the more serious such as murder. Regardless of the charge our lawyers are determined to defend you with the same passion.

If you have been denied legal aid, contact us and we can look at sending an appeal. The value a strong legal defence gives is not worth giving up due to financial issues. We can answer any questions you have about this process and talk about any payment plans if it comes to that outcome. Either way, a strong criminal defence should be prioritized to avoid any legal punishment received.

Youth Criminal Defence Lawyers Hamilton

Collett Read LLP proudly defends clients under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. This type of law has many differences from those convicted under the regular criminal code, and experience is needed to navigate this section of the law. Our Lawyers are well experienced and trained to handle these cases with the appropriate tools needed for each stage of the process.

As members of the next generation of our community, Collett Read LLP truly values the defence and rehabilitation of youth that find themselves in trouble with the law. At this age, people are still developing into fully contributing members of society, and mistakes can happen if there are issues along the way. Thankfully, those under the age of 18 have more powerful rights than adults that can be leveraged in their favour.

Our passion for this area of the law grants us to perform our best and change the course of this young person’s life. We personally get to know our clients and if they need a mentor of sorts in this difficult time, we are happy to be there for them. Our goal is to help our client understand their rights as well as show them the path back to normalcy if they are caught up in criminal activity. We guarantee you’ll see the difference in the care we take with our clients to help guide them through this process. Check out our page on Youth Criminal Defence lawyers for more information on this section of the law.

If you or one of your family members requires legal defence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, don’t hesitate to contact Collett Read LLP to defend the rights of minors.

No matter the charge, if you or a loved one has been arrested by the Hamilton Police, your next move is to call the team at Collett Read LLP immediately. Our Hamilton Lawyers will make sure that your rights are protected, and that Hamilton Police don’t trick you or loved ones into saying anything that can damage your case. Our Hamilton Lawyers will help navigate you through the court system and ensure that we are there with you every step of the way; with Collett Read LLP you will never be alone.

Arrested in Hamilton?

Day or night, call us 24/7 if you or a loved one has been arrested in Hamilton. Don’t say anything until our Collet Read LLP Hamilton Criminal Lawyers are there to guide you through the entire process. We will immediately arrange everything while protecting you and your freedoms.

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