Assault with a Weapon Charges?

Assault with a weapon charges are serious, and carry heavy sentences. Upon conviction, you will face long jail time and be heavily restricted after serving your time; Your life will never be ‘normal’ again.

Dean Collett, Jessica Read, and Jason Alsbergas

Collett Read LLP are highly skilled, experienced, and fearless in the courtroom. The entire legal team is behind you in your defense against assault with a weapon charges, a major difference from other criminal lawyers.

The team takes the time necessary to get to know you, your history, and understand your unique set of circumstances. Knowing that this is a difficult time for you, the team is passionate and wanting to truly help you through all that lies ahead. The team is with you every step of the way; you’re not alone.

Highly skilled, experienced, and a power-house team of lawyers, you need the Collett Read LLP team to defend you against your assault with a weapon charges.

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