Charged with Aggravated Assault?

An aggravated assault conviction is serious and can be life changing. You could face a lengthy jail sentence, be heavily restricted when it comes to international travel, and it may have serious consequences in your career pursuits. You need a strong legal team to defend you from aggravated assault charges if you don’t want lasting and potentially permanent damage done to your life.

Dean Collett, Jessica Read, and Jason Alsbergas

Aggravated assault charges are on the serious end of the spectrum. However, like all offences in the Criminal Code, there are several defences available to someone charged with Aggravated Assault, and the team at Collett Read LLP is here to explore all options with our clients. The team at Collett Read LLP are fearless in the courtroom and have a track record of success in this area of criminal law.

Being there for our clients through difficult times and advocating for them with skill and passion are at the core of our firm. Right from the first meeting the team takes time to get to know you, your history, and your unique set of circumstances. From the moment you retain us, you will no longer feel alone.

At our firm criminal law is all we do. Our power-house team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers are compassionate in the office, but fierce in the courtroom. We are dedicated to advocating for you, while ensuring you are fully prepared for what lies ahead. Our entire team will be with you every step of the way

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