Criminal Lawyers in Brampton

If you want the premier choice for Brampton criminal lawyers, look no further than Collett Read LLP.

Collett Read LLP is Brampton’s leading criminal defence law firm. A true powerhouse law firm in Brampton with a solid track record of success, the team is known by prosecutors for being prepared, thorough, and a strong force in the court room. Our criminal lawyers will grant you the best possible outcome for your unique case.

Being arrested can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for yourself and loved ones. You need a legal team that will be there every step of the way, taking care of the entire process, and navigating you through the court system. Our lawyers at Collett Read LLP in Brampton will also monitor for any indications that your rights are being violated by the system. You need a criminal lawyer that is truly dedicated to you, your rights, and your freedom!

Dean Collett and Jessica Read

Why is Our Team Different?

Collett Read LLP’s Brampton criminal lawyers are passionate about defending our clients and defending their rights. When you are in need of legal defence, we know that this can be one of the most difficult times in your life. For this reason, we make it our priority to get to know you personally. Our intentions through this strategy are to make you feel better about the situation and leave nothing on the table. Defending your charges is not enough; you need help moving through it.

Our criminal lawyers located in Brampton hold high standards amongst each other and work together to find the best outcomes for our clients. We value the use of compassion with our clients when they need it, no matter the charges they are facing. If you choose to work with Collett Read LLP as your criminal legal defence, you are fighting with an army of educated people who care about their clients, refrain from judgement regarding your charges, fight for your rights, mitigate your mistakes and help you move on from this experience. We do not believe you are defined by your charge. Our lawyers will help you see the light as you move forward in your life. Not only that, but we have countless resources ready to help those close to you as well. We present our office as a safe harbour for those who need help during this difficult period.

The Lawyers at Collett Read have trained at the most well-established institutions and experienced a wide variety of legal defence. Our entire firm is available to help with your case, including former prosecutors experienced with picking apart defence strategies. The advantage this grants you is massive compared to other firms as our strategies have been reinforced to negate those strategies.. Our lawyers know the law inside and out and have been known for their strong courtroom presence. Amongst their judicial peers, our lawyers are well respected through their experience, skill, and professionalism. No matter the case, your rights are the most important to us, and we won’t stop to defend them.

Dean Collett

Passionate about defending his clients, Dean prioritizes getting to know them as much as possible. His strong desire to help people has driven him to build a powerhouse law firm of likeminded individuals to achieve that goal. Dean exclusively works in criminal law and has helped clients win their cases in all areas of criminal law. As an executive on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Criminal Lawyers Association, he has garnered a deep respect from his judicial peers as a fearless criminal lawyer. His experience and adept skill as a lawyer have allowed him to guest lecture at the esteemed Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jessica Read

As a former prosecutor Jessica has honed her skills over the years, making her the dominant criminal lawyer she is today. Her passion for defence work eventually led her to become a criminal lawyer, defending the rights of those accused. Her power lies in the fact that she understands all the strategies and tactics used against her clients by the prosecutors. Learning the complex law surrounding impaired driving trials in “crown school” she has worked a multitude of times against some of the most successful defence lawyers in Ontario. As a graduate herself, Jessica takes pride in being a guest lecturer at the respected Osgoode Hall Law School.

Impaired Driving Charges

Impaired driving charges have recently risen in Brampton, causing an increase in RIDE programs throughout the city to potentially catch more drivers who are using substances while operating vehicles. At Collett Read LLP, our criminal lawyers will defend your rights if you have been arrested for driving while impaired in Brampton.

Being convicted of a DUI can have severe repercussions on your current living. You can expect to find penalties such as fines, car insurance rate increases, and even license suspensions. This is amplified by the matter of anyone being injured as a result of impaired driving as well. Impaired driving offenders are often judged for their actions, and socially shunned as a result. This is far from the truth at Collett Read LLP, we know everyone has their own personal circumstances, and want you to feel judgement free in our space when we move through the legal process. We will defend the rights of anyone who is charged with a DUI, and find them a favourable outcome.

You will be interested to know that a partner at our firm – Jessica Read – was a former prosecutor specifically convicting those with impaired driving charges. The advantage this gives you is immense as her knowledge of this area of the law is second to none. We hold her experience as an incredible asset to our team, as she can be considered one of the best in Canada for impairment charges. With her knowledge of this area of the law, she can effectively adapt to any variables in these cases and mitigate any issues that a regular lawyer might struggle with. Our success with these cases is unmatched and you can be confident that we will provide you with the best outcome possible. If you retain our firm for impaired driving charges, you will assuredly feel better about your current situation.

Visit our page for more information on DUI charges in Brampton and how we can help.

Drug Possession Charges

Our Brampton criminal lawyers at Collett Read LLP have always been working with drug related charges being one of the most experienced in the area. If convicted in the city of Brampton, there are some large penalties that ensue. Fines and imprisonment are both on the table, and your life will likely change as a result. Not to fear though, our lawyers know what they’re doing in this section of the law, and we will find you an outcome that can help support your future rather than ruin your life.

Our criminal lawyers in Brampton are known for finding positive outcomes in their cases, often in difficult situations as well. One such feat was done when Collett Read LLP defended a client charged with possessing fentanyl with the intention of trafficking back in 2019. With our team at the ready we had all charges stayed due to video evidence that was found to be in breach of our clients’ privacy rights. As one of many examples, we are consistent in our ability to defend the rights of our clients. Read more here about this successful defence against the possession of fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking. We value our rights at Collett Read LLP and won’t let anyone be unjustifiably punished for living within them. We’ll help you move on from this experience and move you on a better path going forward. Read more here about successful drug charge defence cases.

Your well-doing is important to us during this time as well. We want you to feel confident in our abilities and have less worry while dealing with this difficult situation. We will attain the best outcome possible regardless of how difficult the charges are against you, we will mitigate the consequences if not get rid of them completely. Beyond that, we will help you make sure you won’t make the same mistake again, avoiding any future legal issues. Find out more on our Brampton drug charges page diving into this area of the law.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault crimes are known to seriously damage your reputation and ruin your life. Our Brampton criminal lawyers are well aware of this and equipped to help fix that problem. For these cases you must retain a strong legal defence team, as your reputation is often smeared on accusations alone. Collett Read LLP is one of the best when successfully defending sexual assault charges. The consequences are too dire to risk lesser options, and you need the best defence if you want your life to avoid significant change.

At Collett Read LLP, we take the presumption of innocence very seriously when it comes to sexual assault charges. Many criminal lawyers refuse to take on these cases due to their nature, but we reserve all judgement when working to help you. Our firm will give you the advantage of being assigned both a male and female lawyer to give you some gender perspective in these difficult cases. Especially with the complexity of this law, we find it is a necessity to success. Sexual assault law is very intricate, as the laws are strict surrounding the evidence used. Any legal teams that are not equipped enough for the task are very probable to wrongfully get their client convicted. However, our lawyers have plenty of experience in this field and are confident to find a positive outcome for our clients.

We are well aware that accusations can ruin our clients’ lives and their relationships with others. We will help give you some perspective on what you’re facing and make the facts more accessible to understand regarding your future. We’ve found with these cases especially that its not just defending your rights, but helping you cope as well. Our lawyers vow to treat all of our clients as humans first and help them through their charges. This is a difficult time for you and your family, and our team of lawyers will help you get through to the other side whole again.

To find more information on sexual assault lawyers in Brampton, visit here.

Successful Cases

Our lawyers has amassed a collection of successful cases that exemplify our mastery in defending criminal charges in Brampton. We have defended some unique situations that have made us adaptable to any challenges laid ahead of us. We often have punishments significantly reduced if not completely removed. Here are some of our notable cases:

Robbery: While facing 2+ years of a penitentiary sentence for robbery charges the crown agreed to withdraw all charges. Read here for more on the successful robbery charge defence.

Dangerous Driving and Fail to Remain: During a pre-trial for our client we were able to have the crown agree to withdrawing the charges originally looking for jail time. Read here for more on our defence of dangerous driving and fail to remain.

First Degree Murder: Our client was found not guilty on all charges after a long 3-week trial. We were able to return our clients life back to normal after a difficult two year battle. Read here for more on our success with a first degree murder case.

Historical Sexual Assault: Our cross-examination skills rendered the complainants story impossible to believe according to the judge. With the damage done to our clients reputation, we were able to give him some peace in being found innocent. Read here for more on our historical sexual assault defence.

Our lawyers at Collett Read LLP will find you a positive outcome for your case and answer any questions you may have during the process. To view more cases we’ve successfully defended, read our cases page here for more.

Know Your Rights

Your rights in Canada are valuable to make sure you live within your means. That’s why at Collett Read LLP our lawyers we’ll do anything to help you with any criminal charge that you may be facing in Brampton. We have compiled a list of rules surrounding your rights that can help you in your daily life and avoid any legal issues. We hope at least a few of these can make a difference in our community. Here are some of the highlights:

Can you Swear at a Cop in Canada? – You can’t be charged with swearing at a cop, but the best course of action is to remain respectful in these situations. Read more about swearing at police here.

Will a Criminal Conviction Impact my Ability to Travel Internationally? – Your ability to travel will be heavily affected. Every country has their own admission laws, and most are pretty strict when it comes to who they let past the border. Any prior convictions should be communicated with the country your visiting before travelling as you will likely be turned away. Read more about criminal convictions impacting your ability to travel.

Is it Illegal to not Carry I.D. in Canada? – You are not required to carry an I.D. in Canada unless operating a motor vehicle. Read more about carrying I.D. laws here.

What Outcomes Could my Case Have? – There are many outcomes and rules that pertain to them after a verdict is reached. The criminal charge outcomes in Canada include; charges withdrawn or stayed, a peace bond, being found not guilty, guilty verdicts, having your sentence suspended or conditionally discharged, receiving a fine or restitution order, probation, incarceration or imprisonment, and conditional sentencing/house arrest. While there may be many different results, you can read more about case outcomes here.

Can Police Enter Your Home in Canada? – Police cant enter your home without a legal reason to do so. In most cases they can only enter if they have a warrant or know that someone is in immediate danger. Contact our lawyers as soon as possible if you believe an officer entered your home unlawfully. Read more about the laws surrounding police entering your home here.

Our resources are updated regularly. For more tips, visit our know your rights page.

These resources are intended to be used as guidelines but are not claimed by Collett Read LLP as legal advice. If you are charged with a criminal offence, contact us at (905) 541-2228 to get connected with our legal team.

Financial Assistance

Being charged with a criminal offence is often a very costly experience to get a good representative. Especially with how detrimental it is to your wellbeing, you will likely want the best which means more expensive. For these reasons, our lawyers at Collett Read LLP have committed to taking legal aid as payment for criminal law defence in Brampton.

Your financials shouldn’t dictate how good your defence in court is against your charges. What you really need is a supportive team by your side to get you through this part of your life and defend your rights effectively. We want you to be able to grow beyond the charges you were given and not be defined by them.

Qualifying for legal aid is done through Legal Aid Ontario. You will be allotted a certain amount of hours based on the circumstances, and a lawyer will have that time to work on your case. Our lawyers are effective and efficient when it comes to working within legal aid time constraints, and don’t sacrifice quality. Visit this page to see if you qualify and apply for legal aid. We accept all charges under legal aid, and will work to find you a positive outcome. Collett Read LLP will work to defend your charges effectively without you worrying about financial issues through legal aid.

Legal aid denial may not always be an issue as well, our lawyers can file for an appeal to see what we can do. The quality of your defence is the most important aspect of getting through your criminal charges. If there is any issues with an appeal, we can always set up some payment plans for you to utilize for your benefit. In our first meeting we will make sure to discuss the financial aspect, and answer any burning questions you may have. If you want your rights fully protected you will need to commit to a valuable legal team, and we’re here to help.

Youth Criminal Defence Lawyers Brampton

Our lawyers are equipped to take on clients who fall under the special form of law known as the Youth Criminal Justice Act. For minors, they get a different set of rules and allowances compared to those over the age of 18. With experience in this area of the law already, you can count on us to help make a difference in this persons life and turn it around for a bright future in the Brampton community.

If you are under the age of 18 that means that you will be next in line to contribute to our community, and Collett Read LLP values that aspect of helping young clients. Mistakes at this age can ruin your whole life ahead of you and we want to limit that as soon as possible to avoid stunting their opportunities. For these cases, its about leveraging the powerful allowances young people are afforded, and making it clear that they have room to grow and the drive to do it.

This type of law is one of the many reasons we are passionate about our work, as we can make an impact on people’s lives. Rehabilitation needs to be prioritized from the beginning and it can make all the difference when we can help be a part of it. Our team intends to guide them along the process and act in a mentor role to set their lives on a better path. Getting to know them personally and what’s happening in their lives leading up to this is key to a successful defence. Take a look at our page on Youth Criminal Defence for more information.

Collett Read will provide a strong defence for those who fall under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Contact our lawyers at Collett Read LLP for a consultation regarding your charges.

Contact our Brampton criminal lawyers at Collett Read LLP immediately if you want a premier team who are passionate about their clients and always at your side. With our firm you can be confident that we’ll find you a positive outcome and be satisfied with our services. We’ll be sure to help you understand every step of the process and help put your worries at ease. When you need it the most, we’re here to help.

Arrested in Brampton?

We’re here for the help you need. Our lawyers are available 24/7 if you have been arrested in Brampton. We recommend to avoid talking to anyone before meeting with Collett Read LLP to discuss your charges. It is imperative you don’t divulge information that could accidentally harm your case. We will help you move through the legal process and come to a favourable outcome by the end.

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