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DUI convictions are very serious and can damage your way of living. Some consequences could be heavy fines, years of unaffordable car insurance rates, or even having to surrender your license indefinitely. Whether you’ve been arrested for impaired by alcohol, over 80, refuse sample, or impaired by drug, you need a Hamilton DUI lawyer that has an extreme amount of experience to avoid significant consequences of these serious charges.

Unlike most other DUI Lawyers in Hamilton, Collett Read LLP are supremely skilled in this very technical part of the law as one partner, Jessica Read, is an ex-prosecutor of DUI cases, now turned defence lawyer.

As a former prosecutor, Jessica Read would represent the Crown in bringing charges against those accused of DUI’s. In many cases, the accused had hired the best legal teams and lawyers in the GTA to fight DUI charges. This has given Jessica the full spectrum of experience by going up against some of the best defence lawyers in the GTA. These experiences sharpened her abilities, gave her insights on countless defence strategies, and have allowed her to understand this very technical part of the law inside and out. This is the greatest advantage you can ask for when it comes to your DUI defence. 

Jessica Read Criminal Defense Lawyer

All clients at Collett Read LLP in Hamilton are cared for from the very first meeting; for us it is more than just a case. We take the time and care needed to personally know every client, their history, and their unique set of circumstances. This allows the team to strongly advocate for clients, as well as helping in whatever challenges they are personally facing during this difficult time. The team is truly passionate and there to help each and every one of their clients. 

Hamilton’s Collett Read LLP has an impressive growing list of successful defence outcomes. Fearless in the courtroom, the team has successfully defended countless cases. In just one of many examples, a client was stopped by Hamilton police and registered a ‘fail’ during a roadside breath sample. The Collett Read LLP team was able to argue the charges and have the crown withdraw the case. The client walked away criminal record free and with their driver’s license in hand. Read more about the successful defence against DUI charges. 

Arrested for DUI in Hamilton?

Call us 24/7 if you or a loved one has been arrested in Hamilton for DUI. We will immediately arrange everything needed and guide you through the entire process while protecting you and your freedoms. 

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