Simply being charged with a sexual offence can be one of the most painful and stressful events in your life. Being convicted of a sexual offence is life changing in a multitude of incredibly negative ways.

Some of the potential consequences include extensive prison time, international travel limitations, and serious difficulty finding meaningful employment. If you are convicted, your reputation will likely be permanently ruined, and the hardships will weigh on not just you, but potentially also on your loved ones. In addition, you will likely be forced to register into the Federal Sex Offender registry.

The current political climate on sex assaults has created a very tense environment for all involved in the process. There are many criminal lawyers who simply refuse to take on sexual assault cases. The legal team at Collett Read LLP, located in Hamilton, take very seriously the presumption of innocence in every case. We are among the few Hamilton sexual assault lawyers, and stand above all the rest when it comes to our experience and success.

One of the major advantages you will gain from utilizing Collett Read LLP’s legal defence is that your legal team will include both male and female lawyers, giving much needed perspective in sexual assault cases. Fearless in the courtroom, you will have a strong team fighting for your defence.

The entire team at Hamilton’s Collett Read LLP are truly passionate about helping you through what is likely one of the most difficult times in your life. Time and care are taken from the very first meeting so that the team can get to know your history and unique set of circumstances. We want to know you so we can defend you to the best of our abilities. We will become your support mechanism during this process.

This area of law is very complicated; you need a legal team that can defend you properly. Hamilton’s Collett Read LLP is well versed in sexual assault defence, including the strict rules of evidence surrounding a sexual offence case, and the high skill level of cross examination that is often required in this type of trial.

Sexual Assault cases are among the most stressful for clients and challenging for defence lawyers. It is for this reason that at Collett Read when you retain our firm for a sexual offence, there are 2 lawyers assigned to your file. There are many reasons for this strategy, and we believe it gives you a major advantage with your case.

Arrested for Sexual Assault in Hamilton?

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