Charged with Uttering Threats?

Uttering threats is a criminal charge, meaning that if you are convicted it will leave you with a permanent criminal record. A criminal record can be life changing in the worst ways possible. Your ability to travel will be limited. Your ability to gain meaningful employment will be reduced. You could face incarceration.

Uttering threats charges are serious, and require you to take immediate action. By retaining Collett Read LLP, you gain a full legal team to defend you. The team is highly skilled, experienced, and most importantly fearless in the courtroom.

There are always two sides to a story, which is why you need a legal team that will be able to clearly tell your side. Unlike many other criminal law firms, Collett Read LLP takes the time to know your full history, circumstance, and all the challenges you face in your personal life, allowing for your complete defense.

Knowing that this is a frustrating and difficult time for you, the team is ready to passionately help you get through all of this; You’re never alone as the team is beside you every step of the way.

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