Criminal Lawyers in Kitchener

At Collett Read LLP our lawyers hold the position as the premier criminal defence in Kitchener.

Collett Read LLP is Kitchener’s Premier criminal defence law firm. A high achieving law firm with success in multiple areas of law, the team is known for being fearless in the courtroom and very meticulous with their details when it comes to criminal defence. Choosing Collett Read LLP as your legal defence team sets yourself up for a favourable case outcome.

Being arrested can be a difficult and overwhelming experience for yourself and loved ones. You need a legal team that will be there every step of the way, taking care of the entire process, and navigating you through the court system. Collett Read LLP accomplishes this, while also monitoring for any indications that your rights are being violated by the system. You need a criminal lawyer in Kitchener that is truly dedicated to you, your rights, and your freedom.

Dean Collett and Jessica Read

Why is Our Team Different?

Collett Read LLP’s lawyers are passionate about our work and will go the extra mile to help our clients with criminal defence in Kitchener. We know that this can be a hard time in your life, and we try to alleviate some of that stress. To do this, our lawyers get to know you personally to increase our chances of a positive outcome. We intend for this to learn everything we can about your situation and leverage those facts to our advantage. We believe that defending your rights is not sufficient enough; we want you to feel better as well.

As some of the most skilled in Ontario, our lawyers hold a high standard for the quality of legal defence we provide. Compassion is a key element of working with our clients to empathize with their current situation. Our promise as your criminal legal defence is that you are fighting with an army of educated people who care about their clients, refrain from judgement regarding your charges, fight for your rights, mitigate your mistakes and help you move on from this experience. We believe that your charges do not define you as a person. Seeing the future from where you stand now is essential to your choices moving forward. We’ve arranged many resources to aid you in your journey and help your loved ones as well. We want you to feel like our office is a safe harbour from all the stress you are currently facing.

Our lawyers come from highly regarded law school institutions that have molded them into the defenders theyre known as today. When you retain our firm, the entire team will be behind you every step of the way, including our most senior lawyers at the firm. We have former prosecutors on our team as well, who are able to defend against any strategies typically used by those looking to convict our clients.. Experts in their respective areas of criminal law, our lawyers are known to be a powerful force in the courtroom. We are well respected in Ontario as well with our judicial peers understanding the lengths we go to for our clients. We will defend your rights to the very end, and you can be confident in our abilities to get your life back to normal.

Dean Collett

Passionate about defending his clients, Dean prioritizes getting to know them as much as possible. His strong desire to help people has driven him to build a powerhouse law firm of likeminded individuals to achieve that goal. Dean exclusively works in criminal law and has helped clients win their cases in all areas of criminal law. As an executive on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Criminal Lawyers Association, he has garnered a deep respect from his judicial peers as a fearless criminal lawyer. His experience and adept skill as a lawyer have allowed him to guest lecture at the esteemed Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jessica Read

As a former prosecutor Jessica has honed her skills over the years, making her the dominant criminal lawyer she is today. Her passion for defence work eventually led her to become a criminal lawyer, defending the rights of those accused. Her power lies in the fact that she understands all the strategies and tactics used against her clients by the prosecutors. Learning the complex law surrounding impaired driving trials in “crown school” she has worked a multitude of times against some of the most successful defence lawyers in Ontario. As a graduate herself, Jessica takes pride in being a guest lecturer at the respected Osgoode Hall Law School.

Impaired Driving Charges

Recently the city of Kitchener has increased the usage of RIDE programs in the area due to a higher frequency of impaired driving charges being issued. Our lawyers at Collett Read LLP are well experienced in this area of criminal law, and are eager to protect the rights of those charged with impaired driving charges in Kitchener.

Those convicted of a DUI have their lifestyle changed in some dramatic ways compared to normal. Some common penalties include large fines, car insurance rate increases, and even license suspensions that can be indefinite. Of course, if anyone was injured as a result of the DUI, the repercussions are much greater. One aspect that isnt talked about regarding impaired driving offenders is the social judgement they face. Our team at Collett Read is committed to provide a judgement free space that focuses on defending your rights as we understand we are people first regardless of our charges. Anyone who has been charged with a DUI can seek help from our lawyers and we will be sure to find you a positive outcome.

Our firm also offers a unique advantage for defending impaired driving charges compared to other criminal lawyers. One of our firms partners – Jessica Read – formerly prosecuted impaired driving charges as her specialty. Her skill and knowledge in this area of criminal law is unmatched in Ontario, giving you the advantage. With her previous experience she can effectively determine strategies used and counter them to find a good outcome for you. This allows her to work beyond the level of a regular criminal lawyer, and defend you on any high level through complex intricacies that will put the law in your favour. Our track record with these cases are second to none and you can be confident about your future. You will find the best outcome in the area if you retain Collett Read LLP as your criminal lawyers for an impaired driving charge.

Check out our page for more information on Kitchener DUI charges and how we can help.

Drug Possession Charges

Drug possesion charges are one of our lawyers’ specialty areas when it comes to criminal law in Kitchener. Those convicted in the city of Kitchener can expect some heavy consequences if you don’t have a solid defence. Fines and imprisonment are the typical punishment for this crime, and it can often be life changing. If you want a strong team behind you to defend you against drug-related charges, our lawyers will be with you every step of the way.

Our Kitchener criminal lawyers often find they’re able to create positive outcomes in situations considered to be hopeless. An example of such endeavor occurred when Collett Read LLP defended a client charged with possessing fentanyl with the intention of trafficking back in 2019. As the result of a combined effort across our team, all charges were stayed due to video evidence that was found to be in breach of our clients’ privacy rights. We have plenty of other similar examples as well, and constantly learn from past cases. Read more here about this successful defence against the possession of fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking. As Canadian citizens, we want to defend your rights and allow you to comfortably live within them. We won’t let anyone breach your rights and hammer on any points that will lead to our success. Read more here about other drug charge cases.

Its imprtant to us that you are also doing well mentally. The main way we do this is through instilling your confidence in our abilities, which should help you worry less about the result. We will always find the best outcome possible for you, and reduce the charges to as little as possible if not remove them completely. We’ll also help you to avoid the same mistake in the future to ensure you never have to go through this process again. Learn more on our Kitchener drug charges page for more information.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault crimes can ruin your reputation socially for the rest of your life. Our Kitchener criminal lawyers are here to help fix that problem and move on as much as possible. Accusations alone will smear your reputation, so a strong legal team is critical to help clear your name effectively. Collett Read LLP is committed to helping you through this frightening time and bring your life back to a comfortable normal. We really stress having a strong legal team by your side for these cases, as they are difficult to win and are mentally taxing.

When it comes to sexual assault charges, we take the presumption of innocence very seriously. Often times you will find that criminal lawyers refuse to take on these cases due to their nature, but we reserve all judgement in an effort to help you through this case. Our lawyers will give you the advantage of being assigned both a male and female lawyer allowing you the benefit of gender perspective that’s often essential to these cases. Compared to other areas of criminal law, the rules surrounding sexual assault are strict which limits the evidence used. Legal teams that don’t understand this area of law to great lengths will likely find their client convicted by the end. Luckily, our lawyers are well experienced in this area and are determined to find a favourable outcome for our clients.

An important aspect of this type of charge is that your reputation can be ruined on accusation alone. We will give you some perspective on where you stand on this matter, and give you advice on how to handle that part of this predicament. Helping you mentally get through this is half the battle, separate from protecting your rights. At Collett Read LLP we treat our clients as people first, regardless of their charges. This is will be a tough time for you and your loved ones, but our team of lawyers will help you get through to the other side in one piece.

For more information on sexual assault lawyers in Kitchener, visit here.

Successful Cases

Over the years we are proud to have had a great track record of successful outcomes defending our clients. Our criminal lawyers in Kitchener have worked in some unique cases that have made us able to adapt for any challenges we find. We aim to have all charges dropped and at the very least, significantly reduced. Listed are some of our notable cases:

Robbery: The defendant was facing 2+ years of a penitentiary sentence for robbery charges where we were able to get the crown to withdraw all charges. Read here for more on the successful criminal robbery defence.

Dangerous Driving and Fail to Remain: In the middle of a pre-trial we were able to effectively provide sufficient evidence to have the crown withdraw the charges calling for jail time. Read here for more on the dangerous driving and fail to remain case.

First Degree Murder: We were able to have our client found not guilty on all charges at the end of an almost month-long trial. We were pleasantly able to help our client’s life get back to normal after a tough two-year battle. Read here for more on the strategy and outcome of our first degree murder case.

Historical Sexual Assault: Due to our lawyers skillful cross-examination during the trial, complainant’s story was deemed impossible to believe. Even though their reputation was briefly smeared, our client was happy to be proven innocent. Read here for more on the historical sexual assualt case we successfully defended.

Collett Read LLP will help you or your loved ones find a favourable outcome for your case and help you with every step during the process. To see more cases we’ve successfully defended, read our cases page here for more.

Know Your Rights

Our criminal lawyers in Kitchener are determined to protect your rights as Canadian citizens regardless of if you are our client or not. Collett Read LLP provides as many resources as possible to help you with any criminal charge that you may be facing. We have compiled a list situations regarding your rights that can help you avoid any legal issues. We hope to make our community a more knowledgeable place surrounding their rights. Here are some of the highlights:

Can you Swear at a Cop in Canada? – the simple answer is no, but we recommend keeping the interaction peaceful. Read more about swearing at police here.

Will a Criminal Conviction Impact my Ability to Travel Internationally? – Your ability to travel will definitely be affected in most countries. Admission laws may be different, but most are very strict when it comes to who they allow into their country. Prior convictions are recommended to be communicated with the nation you are visiting prior to travel to avoid denial. Read more about criminal convictions impacting your ability to travel.

Is it Illegal to not Carry I.D. in Canada? – You don’t have to carry an I.D. in Canada, but there are some exceptions. Read more about carrying I.D. in Canada here.

What Outcomes Could my Case Have? – There are many different  outcomes when a verdict is reached in criminal law. Case outcomes in Canada include; charges withdrawn or stayed, a peace bond, being found not guilty, guilty verdicts, having your sentence suspended or conditionally discharged, receiving a fine or restitution order, probation, incarceration or imprisonment, and conditional sentencing/house arrest. For a more in-depth review, you can read more about case outcomes here.

Can Police Enter Your Home in Canada? – Police cannot legally enter your home without a lawful reason. Entering your home should only occur if they have a warrant or know that someone is in danger. You must contact our lawyers as soon as possible if you believe police entered your home illegaly. Read more about police entering your home here.

We make sure that our know your rights resource is updated regularly. For more tips, visit our know your rights page.

These resources are intended to be used as guidelines but are not claimed by Collett Read LLP as legal advice. If you are charged with a criminal offence, contact us at (905) 541-2228 to get connected with our legal team.

Financial Assistance

It is often very expensive to find a good criminal legal team. These situations can often be very stressful and future threatening, meaning you will want the best. Collett Read LLP Kitchener accepts legal aid as a valid payment for this very reason.

We firmly believe that financials shouldn’t dictate the level of your defence in court. Your legal team can make all the differnece in the outcome and settling for second rate will likely not end well. You are more than just the charges laid against you, and we want to help everyone through this tough time.

If you’re not sure if you qualify for legal aid, visit Legal Aid Ontario. Hours will be allotted to you and your lawyers based on your application, and we will work within those to defend your rights. Our lawyers are known to be effective with the time given, and will make sure our high standards are still met. Visit this page to see if you qualify and apply for legal aid. All charges are accepted as well, so do not worry if you think it will be limited to smaller crimes. Our team at Collett Read LLP will help bring your worries to an ease both financially and legally.

If you have been denied, not to worry, let our lawyers take a look and we can submit an appeal for your situation. A high quality defence is important for criminal charges and we’ll try and help where we can. Payment plans are also available if you end up not qualifying for legal aid. We’ll be sure to discuss the financial side of our partnership in the first meeting and help answer any questions or concerns. Either way, you’re legal defence from Collett Read LLP will be one of the strongest in Kitchener.

Youth Criminal Defence Lawyers

At Collett Read LLP, we provide services for those under Youth Criminal Justice Act as well. Minors with criminal charges get a different set of rules and allowances that allow them some extra breathing room compared to adults. Our lawyers have plenty of experience in this area of the law, and we aim to truly make a difference in this young person’s life to find them an opportune future in the Kitchener community.

Our lawyers value the opportunity to help young clients caught with criminal charges. It provides an excellent time for learning and growth on our clients’ part as they become contributing members of our community. We hate to see young people ruin their lives so young as they often don’t want to continue going in the direction they have been taken. We leverage this in the defence strategy we set up, as it helps them grow as a person and reduces their punishment.

Making an impact on the lives of young people is the main reason were so passionate about these cases. We want to get to know our client personally and understand how we can help to set them on the right path. Our team can then act in a mentor role as well to help them see a bigger and brighter future. This also helps a lot when defending them, as it allows for more information a judge and jury can understand about their circumstance. Visit our page on Youth Criminal Defence for more information.

Our lawyers will do everything in our power to provide a strong defence for those included in the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Contact our lawyers at Collett Read LLP Kitchener for a consultation regarding your charges.

If you need a quality criminal defence team in Kitchener, our lawyers at Collett Read LLP are here to help. Our services are the best in the area and we will fight for your rights until the end. We’ll help give you some perspective on your circumstance and guide you through the legal process. When you need it the most, we’re here to help.

Arrested in Kitchener?

Let us handle any legal concerns you have. Our lawyers are available 24/7 if you have been arrested in Kitchener. We advise you to contact our lawyers to discuss your charges before speaking to any law enforcement. We want you to have a clear understanding of your position before you say anything that could falsely incriminate you whether you are innocent or not. We’ll make sure you get a favorable outcome if you retain our services.

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